How to root Huawei Honor 4C without PC

This is instructions or tutorial how to root Huawei Honor 4C without PC easy way with tool like  FramaRoot.Apk, TowelRoot.Apk, KingoRoot.Apk, KingRoot.apk,. This application is very good and reliable, many mobile phone models that successfully root with this application, using this app  very easy no need special talents or skills, your phone will be do it automatically with one click only.
How to root Huawei Honor 4C without PC
Huawei Honor 4C
But before that I will explain to you what is root, and what advantages and disadvantages root for your Huawei Honor 4C smartphone. Rooting Android is a process that allows you to gain access and full control over your smartphone. Actually, it is almost the same with the term jailbreak on Iphone or hack symbian. There are distinct reasons why people choose to root their android phone.
In this case does have many advantages, such as can be free to modify the theme, free install / install the application, remove the default application, can do customization, and many more advantages of this.

Advantages of root Huawei Honor 4C :
  • Free to modify the theme.
  • Installing applications on the memory card
  • Remove the native app (bloatware) useless and unneeded.
  • To make batteries more efficient and durable.
  • Performance android lighter and speeding.
  • The internal memory is so much more relieved
  • Processor improved overall performance.
  • Android Custom ROM make the look more cool and unique.

Disadvantages root Huawei Honor 4C :
  • The warranty will be lost. if your device already rooted your phone warranty will be lost,
  • Vulnerable to viruses. Many users are already in the root android, their cell phone vulnerable to viruses. This occurs because the firewall is open due to the root process. But this can be overcome by installing trusted antivirus application that can be found in the Google Play Store.
  • Failed root, which can cause your smartphone into bootloop, Error, Softbrick, dan HardBrick

 Specifications of Huawei Honor 4C :
  • OS Version : Android 5.1 (Lollipop), (Emotion UI 3.1 Lite)
  • Network Band : 2G, 3G, 4G LTE
  • Display Size : 5.5 Inch
  • Internal Memory : 16 GB
  • RAM Size : 2 GB
  • Primary Camera : 13 MP
  • Front Camera : 5.0 MP
  • SIM Card : Dual SIM
  • Battery Model : Li-Po 3000 mAh

Back to the initial topic, above I've said that I will explain how to root Huawei Honor 4C with KingRoot.apk FramaRoot.Apk TowelRoot.Apk KingoRoot.Apk and under this I will make a few methods  as I said earlier, here are the ways and methods of root your device with this application.

The most important thing before you doing this guide make sure your Huawei Honor 4C is connected to the Internet. and battery charge at least 60% or above, and make sure Enable Unknown Sources, Settings> Security> Unknown Source or Settings> Security> Device Administration> Unknown Source (swipe or check for enabled).

Method 1 : Rooting Huawei Honor 4C with FramaRoot.apk :

How to root Huawei Honor 4C without PC
  1. Download and install FramaRoot.apk to your Huawei Honor 4C you can find the link download in download tools requirement below, just scrool down.
  2. When the installation completed, open the the framaroot app
  3. At the screen app select Install Superuser and then press aragom.
  4. Then wait for a while until you get notification Success.. Superuser and Su binary installed.
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Done, your Huawei Honor 4C has been rooted.

Method 2 : Root Huawei Honor 4C using TowelRoot.Apk :

How to root Huawei Honor 4C without PC
  1. Download and install TowelRoot.Apk to your Huawei Honor 4C, just find the tool in download tools requirement below.
  2. When the installation completed, then open the TowelRoot application.
  3. Then tap on make it ra1n.
  4. Wait for a while the rooting process will take some time until finished. 
  5. Congratulation your device rooted
Note : If you phone reboots thats mean towelroot failed, just try it again or try the other tools.

Method 3 : How to root Huawei Honor 4C with Kingoroot.apk :

How to root Huawei Honor 4C without PC
  1. Download and install Kingoroot.apk to your Huawei Honor 4C, download link is already provided in the download list tool below.
  2. When the installation completed, then open the Kingoroot app.
  3. You will see a blue padlock image with the caption No ROOT, that mean that your device is no root yet or original android system.
  4. Just tab on One Click Root if you want to root your device.
  5. Just wait until the root process is completed.
  6. Done, your mobile phone rooted

Method 4 : How to root Huawei Honor 4C using kingroot.apk

How to root Huawei Honor 4C without PC
  1. Download and install kingroot.apk to your Huawei Honor 4C.
  2. When already installed then click the icon or open KingRoot application.
  3. Click or touch START ROOT button to begin rooting proccess.
  4. Just wait and see the procces of root is running,
  5. If rooting proccess succesfully you will see the Green check mark.
  6. Done, now your phone has been rooted.

Congratulations your device Huawei Honor 4C already have root access, and then verify your device with "Root Checker" app to make sure your device has been successfully rooted or not , just download it in Google play store.
Download tools Requirement :
So this is all about how to root Huawei Honor 4C without PC if you found broken link or you have some question about this guide or tutorial, just leave a comment in comments box bellow. And if you like this article don't forget to share to your friend or social media. Thanks